Now I’m finally writing without trying to do something else at the same time so I can link things up properly and explain things more clearly…

For foreign visitors: The Health Care Card I mentioned comes from the government when you earn less than a certain amount of money. Primarily they’re designed to get you cheap prescription medicine. Brilliant huh? Aren’t you Americans jealous? I get my gear for around $A3 a pop. Because the government has all your income records, and knows that you really aren’t earning much, the Health Care Card is considered a reasonable way of proving you’re entitled to a discount on various other things as well. Including public transport, and museums, and some private businesses offer discounts voluntarily. The Diggers Club is a business who do this. Aren’t they good? All outta the goodness of their hearts.

Like I said earlier, with the good deal comes a restriction, you don’t get to choose what you’re getting. I got silverbeet in amongst all the stuff we’ll enjoy. I don’t mind eating silverbeet, one or two bunches a year is probably all we’d get through though. It’s not really worth taking up half our space for something we don’t like that much. So Belinda offered to swap me for some snow peas.  She’s also been writing about sourdough, which sent me over the edge and I’ve started playing with my own starter. The Bloke says I can keep it so long as I feed it and take it for walks.

Melinda misunderstood me (possibly because she’s been blogging when she ought to be in bed recovering from her cold) and said I live in an apartment. I don’t. We used to, several of them, but not anymore. Now we’re in a very very very small house. Which is overshadowed by a 5 storey derelict building. Obviously this is all our dreams come true. I don’t think I’ve told you yet about the wisteria that keeps popping up all over the place either.

Now I’d better get on with fixing the photos so they’re small enough to post.