In a weird coincidence this week, I read that Rhonda finds it’s best to store her excess crop by sticking it in the freezer, and thousands of Victorians (at the other end of the country from Rhonda) lost power for hours or days due to storm damage.

Maybe I should hurry on asking the elderly champion preserver of my acquaintance for Fowlers Vacola lessons.

The other reason I’ve been a bit mistrustful of freezers is that a couple of years ago my personal ecologist (my best mate) went on holidays. When she came back several weeks later the house was full of flies. Chocka-block full of flies. And a stench. She was living in a house on a university campus, and the university had sent someone to fix her internet, they turned off the power, but they forgot to turn it back on. So all the meat in her freezer was ruined, the fridge was irreprable, and she had to remove all the flyscreens from her windows to let the flies out.