I got a bit behind, what with the fence and April being the Month of Connubials*, and my snow peas and the broccoli seedlings were looking a bit sad at not being in the ground in the great outdoors.

The broccoli seedlings had started to look a bit straggly and too big for the pot. The snow pea seeds were tormenting me by not being in the ground and growing and speaking to me of potential food stuffs. I really should plant out another round of carrots and daikon too. But I haven’t.

I did finally get the snow peas and some of the broccoli into the ground on Tuesday. The broccoli aren’t looking good. They look stressed and sad and saggy. I lugged some water out this morning and begged them to come back. But frankly I think I’ll be sticking new seedlings in next week in their place. Don’t tell them I said that. Broccoli can’t read and what they don’t know about my pessimism wont hurt them.

If all else fails I will have to purchase seedlings. Which wasn’t really the point was it?

Also, in case anyone is wondering why I don’t just get out there and do some more planting and water bucket lugging, I buggered my neck a bit the other day. It was very painful. I went to the physio and you know what he said? “It’s what happens watching television with your head turned to the screen, or talking in the car and turning to face the driver, or using a computer in a bad position.” I hadn’t realised that watching telly and conversing with my fellow travellers was so dangerous.

At least it isn’t the gardening… and he made it much better.

*This is a reference to the very funny Australian television show Kath & Kim. Unlike Kath, my friends have not/are not hiring a big white carriage for their weddings. I hadn’t realised that our friends would get married all in a bunch close together (the way all ones friends have 21st birthday parties close together) and now I’m wondering if in middle age I’ll be invited to a whole bunch of second weddings…  that’s obviously not intended as a reflection on any of the couples who’ve been recently married in my circle of acquaintance.