If you’ve got a dark corner, or a spot in full sun, and you’re looking for something you can stick in the ground and neglect, pineapple sage is the plant you’re after. This one has doubled in the month since this photo was taken, it’s produced tiny red trumpety flowers, it smells nice, and it’s providing some competition for the weeds.

The last surviving snow pea. Something ate the others. It took some bites out of this one too, but I know this one, it’s a fighter.

More broad beans. Actually, the same broad bean 20 seconds apart. Broad beans everywhere will now start talking Before Toddler and After Toddler. They’ll be talking about that one day when everything changed forever. They’ll sit around having a few beers in years to come and remember what they were doing when they heard about the Toddler.

Hopefully they’ll remember the Gardener who bravely shooed the Toddler away, and propped the broad beans back up.