Commander David Simmons said police had been asking health authorities for three years to appoint a qualified sexual assault nurse to Walgett District Hospital. “Taking a victim to Dubbo can involve a 10- or 12-hour turnaround and that is totally unacceptable for victims of serious crime,” he said.

Meanwhile, an exhibition can’t open because a few people (none of whom, as far as I can tell, are related to the artist’s past or present models) don’t like topless photography. Yes the issue is very complicated, but it pales in comparison to all the indigenous women and children in Walgett who have been seriously assaulted and then have to keep living in the same community as their attacker. I don’t like arguments that begin with “we can’t even talk about the ethics of that because we should all focus on this bigger thing”, but in this case it is (partly) a matter of NSW Police resourcing. It is also about media attention, and the way politicians answer questions, and a lot of knee-jerking.

I had promised myself not to write about art here, because I do enough of that elsewhere, so to get back to gardening:

Teenage broad beans. Growing, developing, getting ready to flower. Occasionally trampled by a passing toddler.