No, not Troilus & Cressida. Toyota Cressida. Dead.

Bloke took Cressida for a longish drive, and just as he was thinking “I reckon this car’ll be ok to take on a long drive on our mini-break on Monday…” old Cressida started blowing blue smoke out the back. She was only 19…

So I guess we are going to be more committed environmentalists for a while. I have booked a Flexicar for tomorrow’s trip to the country though. I can go weeks without driving anywhere, but in the next few days we have long trips every day, good timing huh?

Edit: Not dead. Somehow ended up with too much oil (God knows how, it’s not like anyone around here pays it that much attention) and now that she’s had the oil drained and new oil put in, at the right level, she’s right as rain. We still wont be taking her on holidays though.