Yesterday I got up, got ready for work, took the kid to childcare, walked to my temp assignment in the city, had a coffee because I was early, and then discovered that the assignment had been cancelled. I was only momentarily annoyed before realising that I had a day clear of childcaring, work or study. Yippee!

So I walked to the NGV: International, it wasn’t open yet so I got some knitting done while sitting on the edge of the moat, and then checked out the Art Deco exhibition. I enjoyed the exhibition for a full hour* before heading to the upstairs coffee shop, and was pleasantly surprised to find it has been remodelled. Last time I was there it had all the charm of a hospital cafeteria, now it is smaller, less clattery, and has some comfier chairs. I had a ham and cheese toastie and a hot chocolate and I didn’t share either of them with any small children. Marvellous. (Non parents may be reading this wondering what’s so fantastic, but trust me, it’s rare)

Then I headed to Genki, and looked at things in my own sweet time without keeping my eyes on anyone who might be breaking things, and was particularly fond of these cakey toys, then I walked up Flinders Lane and looked in the windows of all the places that are closed on Mondays, and confirmed that Craft Victoria is one of those places. This was particularly annoying since they are also down a flight of stairs and therefore inaccessible with a pram (unless you’re capable of carrying the kid in the pram, which I’m not). Their building does have a lift, but you have to go either up or down a flight of stairs to get to it. Seriously.

Then I walked to Smith St, and pondered jewllery in Queen, and was able to have a long look and hold things up in the mirror and play and consider my options before choosing my birthday presents from the Bloke, who didn’t quite get around to choosing them himself. I now have funky clips (I’ve been growing my hair), a badge of a photo of the Flinders St Station underpass tiles, and some maru earrings.

Then I walked home, ate lunch by myself uninterrupted and without sharing, and knitted for a while, until I remembered that I am a responsible parent after all and I collected the kid from childcare.

None of this would be particularly worth mentioning except that it’s been several years since I spent a whole day just doing whatever the mood took me to do next, and I was a bit over due. I now have blisters on my feet, I checked google maps, and it turns out I walked about 15.7km. Exercise and cultural engagement all in one day. Phew.

* The last couple of exhibitions I’ve been to at the NGV I haven’t enjoyed, primarily because of the exhibition design, this one I could actually see. On a toddler friendliness note, almost everything is in glass cases, so it would be a low-ish stress exhibtion to take littlies to if you’re that way inclined. Head in early in the morning on a week day if you can for small crowds.