I picked an ate three pods of peas on the weekend and tempted the lad to try one too. Not from the snow peas I carefully tended (with seeds from Belinda) but from the self sown mulch plant that is doing so much better. It’s aiming to colonise the washing line, which is just fine because it’s too damn short for me to hang clothes on.

I spotted a used condom in the yard and managed to sweep it away from the lad in a nick of time. Living near a derelict building, with a back lane that the wind blows everything up, and a back fence with a rather large gap that the wind blows everything under certainly makes for some less romantic moments in the garden.

The broad beans are really truly flowering, the tulips have poked their heads up out of the ground, everything is green, and I almost believe we’re going to get daikon big enough to bother with. Spring is nearly here. If I ever have some time at home when I am not doing laundry, making tea or washing dishes, and it isn’t dark out, I’ll take photos to prove it.

I did take photos of my Mum’s garden the other day, and was pretty happy with myself and the garden photography. Unfortunately I was using her camera, so you’ll just have to trust me, those photos were excellent.