Slowly but surely there is growth. Not spring growth as such, not the beginnings of tomatoes, but all the winter things that didn’t do anything are starting to show promise. The broad beans have actual (still quite small) beans, the cabbage is more than a couple of leaves, the daikon are bursting out of the ground, the broccoli has produced and we’ve eaten (although not like last year, where we began to get sick of broccoli), we’ve had a snow pea or two each, and the sage bush has flowered. I’ve never seen one flower before so it took me by surprise, it really is quite lovely.

The blurry snow pea at dusk.

The sage flowering.

The beginnings of a cabbage.

And the non-garden bonus feature! My mate who works in an architecture firm rescued this sample book of discontinued felt for me. It’s 100% wool, and 100% free, and it was headed for the dumpster. I did promise to share it with froginthepond, but there should still be plenty of felty crafty fun for me over summer.

Now I’d better pack. Froginthepond is earning her share of the felt by taking the kid (and her own kids) away for the weekend, and I am headed elsewhere for the weekend too. Can’t say where, the Bloke doesn’t know the secret location yet. I’m planning to eat, and eat, and drink coffee, and eat some more.