I was at the Melbourne Town Hall yesterday for the civic reception that was put on for the Victorian members of the Australian Paralympic Team.

It wasn’t exactly inundated with media, and there weren’t any huge crowds (a couple of school groups plus friends and rellies of the athletes and support staff) but it was dignified. As you’d expect, John Brumby got a round of polite applause, John So declared Melbourne the Sporting Capital of the Universe and got a big cheer, and my relative, of whom I am particularly proud, noted that at these Games Australians had seen that the Paralympics is about elite sport.

Then the school kids left, and the athletes, the support staff, the dignitaries and the rellies trooped up to the Supper Room for free food and drinks and mingling and autograph hunting, and it was lovely.

I also, finally, got to meet my newest relative, and she’s gorgeous.