But it turns out that 52% of the people who vote (or at least, of voters who’ve been counted so far) think it’s ok to ban other people from marrying the person they fancy.

Of course, in Australia our previous government declared a ban on gay marriage absolutely imperative and the opposition agreed with them. Then the country got on with talking about really important things, like better ways to abuse asylum seekers.

Now our PM is supposed to be a breath of fresh air, but mostly he’s just got a less irritating voice and a slightly less crap set of policies. Anyway, one thing that is a bit less crap about this government is that they are not completely obsessed with making people’s lives harder. Unfortunately they’re not completely committed to actually making people’s lives fairer either, so here’s where you come in.

The government is planning to change some laws so that de facto couples (without children) who break up will have the same access to the Family Court as married couples and de facto couples with children. You with me? Same sex couples might be included in this, or they might not, it depends really on who makes the most noise and whether or not the ALP feel inclined to get the law passed quickly (and hang the same sex couples out to dry) or make an effort to be non-discriminatory.

So write a letter to your local Federal member and your state’s senators and tell them that you want same sex couples to have all the same legal protections as married straight folk. Tell them you don’t think your marriage is threatened by other people getting married. Tell them you think the children of gay and lesbian parents deserve the same legal protections as everyone else’s kids. Then tell them these changes are progressive or radical or corageous. They’re seriously overdue.