Now that I’ve finished the Masters, and the kid has started making a domestic contribution…


In between finding a job, and somewhere to live, I’ve got a list full of other stuff to do.

Today there was a lot of laundry, then I opped:


The kid assured me he didn’t need a nap, so he may never need the sheets I found.


Which is just as well because I’ve already started thinking of other things to do with at least one of them.


There are also six green tea cups (sans saucers, which is fine by me), 3/4 ball of pink wool/cotton blend (doll’s clothes in potentia), embroidery thread (in colours that co-ordinate with the felt I was given a little while ago) and the lad’s find.



More laundry, a haircut, and a search for a belty type thing to wear to dinner with Bob Geldof.