“Let’s do some cooking!” says Mummy, in her best Playschool voice.

“Yay Cooking!” says the toddler.

Mummy found the toddler’s apron for him, and her own apron.  The toddler got up on the chair next to the bench, and then Mummy got out the big metal bowl with the high sides, and then the toddler and Mummy measured the cups of lentils (4 quarter cups, because it takes longer) and the water (5 quarter cups). Mummy was getting quite happy with herself about her fabulous toddler-wrangling skills. Then she thought she’d just move the chair a little closer to the bench to make it safer.

Which caused the bowl to tip and cold water to go all over the toddler, which made the toddler shriek.

Fortunately it doesn’t seem to have put him off for life. Just as well I remembered to put the apron on him.