But not prayin’. Because we’re not the prayin’ kind. We’re not above beggin’, though it wasn’t in the song. We applied for a house last week, and we’d really quite like to get it. The agent will be ringin’ back today.

In the meantime, there’s knittin’ and sewin’ and wrappin’, and showing that we care, etc.


I finished a sock on the bus & train back from Carrum yesterday. The kid enjoyed the first of our family Christmases, especially the splashing and jumping in the water, although the train and bus trip there was also pretty exciting. He loved his pres-pres and I had to disappear them before childcare this morning to ensure he wouldn’t try to take them with him. He got a Beetle!


and a Dumb Fuck!


So, should we unpack the Christmas decorations, or for the third time in my life, will I be moving house the week before Christmas?