I don’t think there can possibly be many people watching Brining Up Baby on Thursday nights who sees that crazy scheduler and thinks “there’s a woman I’d like to emulate”. Because I see it and think “there’s a woman who hates babies and hates women”.

Then the Spock follower, who I thought was mostly ok turns out to hate on women who breastfeed in public, so you know, do what feels right in your parenting unless it means feeding your kid when they need it or co-sleeping.

And it turns out the big warning by the ABC at the beginning about some of the advice not conforming to SIDS recommendations and not being safe? Yeah they didn’t mean leaving a newborn unattended for hours on end.

The hardcore attachment lady doesn’t annoy me anywhere near as much as I expected, by the way. Possibly because she’s actually helpful and nice to the mothers, which helps me to ignore how her rules are as inflexible as anyone elses.

I keep waiting for one of the mothers to show her ‘mentor’ the door, but I fear they’re all too tired and shattered to get the words out.

So if you’re having a baby, feel free to tell anyone who bosses you around, who talks about following their plan or rules at the expense of everything else, who deliberately undermines your confidence in yourself and your relationship with your baby, to fuck off.