I have never roasted pork. Until recently (when I discovered the local cheerful organic pigs and also the local bulk organic meat delivery that is actually affordable) I had never even purchased pork. My Mum never roasted pork, presumably she doesn’t like it, so I’ve never ever watched it done. Now I have a fridge and freezer full of beef and pork. Roughly 8kgs of meat. We eat meat roughly once a week, this is going to take some time to get through. The deal is that you order a box of meat and they give you a mixture of cuts, so the pork and beef mince were combined with some other bits and pieces to become ragu, the beef was roasted for the pond family, there are lots of small packets of quick cooking cuts and steaks, and I’ve invited some friends round tomorrow to eat roast pork.

Except I have no idea what to do with roast pork. I mean, I know how to roast meat, you stick some olive oil on and chuck it in an oven, not really that tricky, but I’d like it to taste of something. And not be overcooked and dried out, because we don’t eat meat that often and it’s important to enjoy the bits we do have not screw it up and end up chucking it out. So internet people, should I poke herbs into it? Spices? Wine?