The lad’s linguistic skills are improving apace, and he looks rather proud of himself as he implements new and ever more complex sentences, but some mispronounciations continue. Mitting, and the related mitting bedroom, are personal favourites of mine. I had been calling my room a studio, but mitting bedroom has taken over, I quite like the idea of my knitting having a place to sleep at night.

There has been lots of mitting around here, but not of mittens. I bought mittens for the kid in the first cold snap (when summer became winter and we all wondered what the hell had happened to autumn) thinking I wouldn’t get a chance to finish handmade ones before his fingers fell off. So I made him some extra jumpers instead, a basic v-neck and Sooz’s seamless cardi (ready just in time for a big family lunch on Sunday), and a hat for the Bloke.

The pattern for the Bloke’s beanie is the Boyfriend Hat, the photos of the original Boyfriend show him modelling the hat while rugged up ready to shovel snow and so forth, but I didn’t happen to have any blokey outdoorsy Aran weight wool, so I fiddled a bit with the pattern and made the Bloke a Boyfriend Hat with much lighter Baby Cashmerino yarn. An Indoor Work and No Heavy Lifting type of hat. I will make him a blokey outdoorsy hat suitable for shovelling snow (on the off chance that we get some snow that needs shovelling) and suitable also for standing at the train station early in the morning when he’s got meetings in Melbourne, but in the meantime, he’s got a beanie that’s perfect for sitting at a desk working from home.

indoor boyfriend hat