I finished the Bloke’s Outdoorsy hat. I’m sure you’re relieved to know that he’s now got something suitable to wear for putting the bins out. Incidentally, I grin every week when he puts the bins out thanks to the Flight of the Concords.


We tested its outdoorsyness by taking it bushwalking two days running and the Bloke did not get a cold head. It did become apparent that I am now the only person in the family who doesn’t have a handmade beanie,* and that I currently have too much hair for my shop-bought beanie to fit properly on my big head. The beanies are pretty much the only items of clothing any of us wore that didn’t get muddy, so today is the reckoning, lots of kids tv and a heater cranked up while we dry out and wash the boots, socks, jeans and coats. And the sling. The poor ol’ hug-a-bub got muddy too. This photo was taken at the top of Mt Franklin, which is a steep but pretty easy 20 minute-ish walk with a toddler, and the kid was in a good enough mood to walk almost all of the way down again too. The “mountain climbing” day worked out so well we went bushwalking again the next day. FYI the Wombat Park is quite muddy and there are currently a lot of blokes with dirt bikes. Did I mention the mud? The kid aimed for every single puddle, which was great fun for all concerned, but I was glad we’d brought him a complete change of clothing. Unfortunately the walking trails aren’t marked, there are couple of broken signs, and we hadn’t been able to find a free map online, so we ended up walking for twice as long as we’d anticipated. We assume (based on some foggy family memories) that there is some way of walking in a circuit rather than coming back the way we came, but we weren’t prepared to take a punt on which path that would be. It was really lovely, a mixture of our old pre-kid lives and this life, and then, by coincidence, Sooz was talkin’ about the same sort of stuff.

Which had me thinking I really didn’t squeeze enough travelling into those pre-kid days, until I read the frog’s comment and remembered that trip to Italy. And New Zealand. And Ireland. And now I really want to make sure those beanies get some more work.

* I didn’t make the kid beanies, he’s been given several made by other people. The orange and green number he’s modelling there was from aunty Maureen.

* Also, it’s quite obvious that the Bloke took this photo, but he wanted me to give him a credit just to be on the safe side. Isn’t he clever? Outdoorsy and artsy.