I’ve had a spate of making screwups, which may account for the recent burst of activity in the garden (hell, when the crafting gods have left the building, you may as well throw it all in a heap and get on with some planting) but today I thought I’d get back to a project I’ve had on hold for a few weeks. I hadn’t screwed it up, I had all the stuff, and the kid is at childcare, so there was nothing that could possibly go wrong.

Unless of course you are of the opinion that a quilt backing should cover the entire back of the quilt, in which case, what I have here is another screw up.

quilt back fail

Excuse me while I add that to the sock that needs ripping (the Bloke wants them to be the same length) and the top that I need to purchase another ball of expensive wool for (so that it will cover my torso without breathing in all day). Fortunately the extra quilt backing fabric and the wool come from the same shop, so fixing these measuring blunders could be relatively quick. Just cross your fingers for me that they haven’t sold out.