A new top, with vintage button, which is very comfy.

grey top

I was just about to photograph myself in it when the kid decided cuddles were essential, so you get two for one here.

We’ve been gardening a bit, the grass and weeds are growing at a phenomenal rate and the good stuff is coming along too. The brassicas went nuts, this was taken just before we pulled them out last week.

brassica orgy

There are spuds and broad beans (with weeds, so many freakin’ weeds). We’ve even had our first evening snack of broad beans al fresco.


The coriander has been going off. I now have more coriander than I’ve ever had before. Even if you add up all previous coriander harvests. Cool huh?


The kid painting binge continues, and I’ve been joining in too. Today I even shelled out for good quality ink and did some work in the garden.

ink on newsprint