We’ve been starting to plan our camping holiday menu. Given that we’ll be starting this camping holiday after hosting Christmas lunch for 18 of the Bloke’s family (plus three extras for a late morning tea) and then joining my family on Boxing Day (my nearest and dearest fifty people) I’m feeling simple, light and vegetarian are all key words.

Tonight’s trial of BBQ pizza was a success. Simple to assemble, does not requiring a car full of special tools or hard to get ingredients, enjoyed by all three of us and minimal cleaning up. Win!

We don’t have a bbq with a hood so we kept the topping to stuff that doesn’t need to be cooked through, tomato passato (warmed on the stove then kept warm on the bbq) and basil leaves, then one with tomato and grated cheese. I’m planning olive oil, blue cheese, rocket and perhaps a nectarine for the future.

It’s a good thin pizza base recipe and you could use it as a flat bread too. Here endeth the spruik.