I love a long summer skirt. The sort I know is going to create some breezy airflowyness and also stop my legs from getting burnt, without being all heavy and hot-making. I also love a remnant in a One Week Only Fabric Shop, and the freedom that gives me to experiment with fabric. It is a great thrill to be ok with screwing up, although the fabric is quite lovely and I would have been very sad if I had screwed it up. It took me nearly a year to be ok with cutting it. It’s (I think) a linen knit, I’m guessing like the the one Sooz used for her top, and I bought all there was. I have just enough left over to make a t-shirt for a mouse.

The odd-looking spots are imperfections in and on the mirror. I was going for that comfy capacious feeling one gets from wearing something tent-like or old t-shirty, with the look of something rather more fitted and flattering. So there are little pockety bustlely thingies around the knees, which are working out quite nicely.

Now all there is to do is train the kid to take photos rather than interrupt them, and find a house where the carpet doesn’t clash so badly with my clothes.