We went away last weekend, for three whole nights. A bit more than a weekend really, long enough to unpack and get settled in. The kid had cousins to play with from the moment he got up til the moment he fell asleep and I had a brief respite from writing job applications.

Can you see what they’re looking for?

How bout if I show you a close up?*

Little penguins! Free! In daylight! No damn parading at sundown for these penguins. So yeah, the Nobbies: better than the Penguin Parade.

Obviously it’s not a good idea to hassle penguins or freak them out with flash photography. Unfortunately I didn’t remember that until after I’d given my camera to the sister in law . Fortunately the penguins seemed happy enough and didn’t freak out. Not like at the penguin parade where they all freaked out at the bird of prey arriving on the beach. Ooo look kids! Nature! Now my nephew wants to get around with a hard shell on his back so the big birds wont catch him.