I’ve had a bit on. I got a job, which is both permanent and part time and with nice people and not too far from home. Checkin’ all the boxes. Excellent no? I have no photos of my work. Trust me, my desk is fabulous and my mail merges would make your day. I’m still getting the hang of not needing to check job ads.

I made tea towels, which was great fun, and then I posted them, and the people who received them seem to like them. Also excellent.

There was a lot of hail, you may have heard, and it pretty much destroyed the veggie garden. I was looking a little sad so the boy tried to cheer me up by explaining that we could pull the broken plants out and put in new seeds and grow new things. He’s such a little trooper.

There’s also been other stuff to process and think through and it’s not my stuff to blog, but gosh it takes up a lot of brain space.