I started this jumper in March, knowing my boy would need a proper jumper to get through the winter. The body and sleeves knitted themselves up pretty quickly, and then I had to do joining and maths and get decreases in the right spots and, well, that part took from April til yesterday. We’ve had one of the coldest winters in a decade in the interim, minus four overnight still below freezing til nine in the morning type stuff, so you know, there was no rush.

It’s not a particularly difficult jumper, in fact, it’s quite a simple jumper, but somehow the counting of stitches kept getting the better of me. I can’t count past about ten with distractions. Yesterday we took the boy to see his first film at the cinema, Toy Story 3, at the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine. A kid’s first cinema experience should definitely be art deco. We went with friends, and then ajourned to the friends’ house to eat dinner. Between the car trip and having three other adults managing children and dinner, I managed to do from the placket up. I kitchener stitched the underarms and wove in the ends and was all done at 11.51pm. I resisted the temptation to pull the kid out of bed to try it on. I waited til after breakfast to guilt him into it.

Wistful kid in new knitwear

He’s totally got the hang of the knitting model gazing off into the distance thing, don’t you think?