Hey, it could be worse, I could blog about what I did all day at work, and I know you’ve all been meaning to check the latest weather observations from Redesdale

As you can see, the day started well. Here at the House of Geek our own personal weather observation was -2. But the officials say it wasn’t quite that cold.

20/06:00am -1.2
20/06:30am -0.4
20/07:00am -0.7

It was a brisk walk to the station. I may have been seen moving my scarf up to cover my lower face as I walked down the main road. I may have been wearing thermals from neck to ankle, leather gloves, woolly socks and German boots.

20/07:30am -0.2
20/08:00am 0.2
20/08:30am 0.9
20/09:00am 2

Yay! Whole number! It was around this time I considered removing my coat. I kept the fingerless gloves on for a few more hours though.

20/12:30pm 7.4
20/01:00pm 8.5
20/01:30pm 9.2

I can feel you getting excited. You want to know whether we made it to double figures don’t you?

20/03:00pm 9.8


Well maybe.
20/04:30pm 9.7


The tension!

20/06:00pm 6.1

Disappointing isn’t it?