I went to craft camp again this weekend. This time I worked on more than project, which was nice, I finished a top for myself, I almost finished another top (I want to fiddle and think about it a bit more), I finished a knitted baby kimono for my youngest cousin to be and almost finished a second item for the same baby. I made progress on mending an old quilt, I cooked, I talked, I laughed and had an all round excellent time.

I would like the record to show that I remembered to bring all the crafty supplies I intended to bring. I packed crafty things very well. What I did not pack was my wallet (to buy my share of food with) or my camera (it’s a miracle I wasn’t sent home for being a total failure as a blogger). Despite my early onset dementia, the crew let me stay, they lent me money and they took photos. I’m sure they’ll all start posting photos soon.

You should look out for the photos of the very well-loved and well-dressed stork. Thanks to the wild weather, and presumably some long term concrete cancer, his arse does not look big in his outfit.

I still can’t find the camera. I have clearly lost touch with my inner blogger. I’m sure there’s some sort of hippy cure for this and I’m determined to stay positive, embrace the journey and meditate etc until I get back on track.