It’s been a cold winter. I’ve been working during the week, it’s been dark when I leave home and almost dark when I get back, we’ve had lots of family events that keep us away from home on weekends, and one way and another I’ve seen very little of the garden. This weekend we stayed home, we did a bit of pruning and weeding, surveyed the frost damaged plants and acknowledged that a few probably wont re-sprout this Spring. The camellia I thought had died during the heatwave of 2009 has rewarded patience though – two thirds of it was dead, dead, dead but the other third started flowering last week. I’ve cut out all the dead stuff, I’ve pulled out armfulls of weeds, and I’ve tried to focus on the stuff that is growing well and not a weed. It’s less overwhelming that way.

Broad bean Aquadulce in flower

Raspberry with new shoots

Surrealist curly wurly garlic