Blue baby quilt

At the last craft camp Suse and Janet and I sat up late making and talking, as you do. Suse had cut out a million blue and green squares for her gorgeous quilt for her couch and there were more than she needed, what to do with the leftovers? Well there were enough for a baby quilt. None of us needed a baby quilt, but we thought of someone who might appreciate it and got sewing in a flurry of uninterrupted enthusiasm. Craft camp is all about the uninterrupted flurry.

After Suse finished the top I took it home and got to work on the quilting. Home is not so much about the uninterrupted flurry. Summer is not a great season for sitting under a quilt. Not even a little baby quilt. The quilting has been slow and intermittent. The kid wanted to help, which slowed things down even more but was otherwise pretty cool. Maybe his stitching will get faster for the next co-production.