The Bloke is an Ideas Man. He needed a little place to share them. Not a whole place of his own, just a little bite of mine.

Tip #1

When it is cold and rainy and you’d really rather not go out of doors with your child, and you also live in a tiny house with a woman who would like to have five minutes (or so) of peace and quite on a Saturday morning, take the kid to a very large shopping centre. Our local(ish) Very Large Shopping Centre opens its doors at 9am, however, most of the shops do not open til 10am. One can encourage a toddler to run and run and run up and down the empty centre for an hour before there is anyone around to get bothered by you. Which is roughly how long it takes to get the kid ready to sit still while you have a coffee.

Tip #2

If you didn’t buy the Webber because, really, we only eat roasts in winter, and no one minds turning the oven on then, so you got the basic flat bbq. If you also happen to shack up with a person who becomes a little vague around end of semester, and who defrosts ‘chops’ for dinner which are in fact not chops, you may find yourself needing to cook a mini lamb roast on a warm afternoon in October. If you happen to find yourself in these circumstances, and you also happen to own a big cast iron karahi (Indian wok type thing) you are good to go. Warm the barbie with the karahi upside down on it, then seal the meat quickly all over, stick the hot karahi over the meat, and there you have yourself an outdoor oven. Take that Jamie Durie.