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A long walk to the Big Playground, which is in one of the city’s big gardens beside the Museum, where the grass is as patchy as it is everywhere else in Melbourne but there’s more and newer play equipment than elsewhere.

Then it was home to do lots and lots of cooking to get through the week (because toddlers get all sqwaky in the evening so dinner needs to be as quick as possible) and a friend visited with her bunny and guinea pig. The kid was pretty chicken at first, but he recovered to be very brave.

When they went back into their travel cage.  He was fascinated by the creatures eating celery leaves, and he’s learned how all that manure is produced for our garden.

We don’t have room for creatures, at least, no creatures bigger than worms. This means we have to pay for manure, which is essential when you’re trying to grow veggies anywhere but particularly if you’re trying to grow them in sand and builder’s rubble.

A friend has a menagerie in her apartment, and regularly disposes of rabbit and guinea pig waste because she has no garden to put them on. Do you see where I’m headed with this everyone?

Yeah, I’m making her bring her pet’s waste products with her next time she visits.

Edit: She came! Bearing two shopping bags full of bunny waste products (and the newspapers that line the cage) then we made chocolate cake. These two matters are unrelated.

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