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In shocking news, my garden blog will have pictures of, wait for it, my garden! These are from earlier this year, in response to Dr Sister Outlaw’s post at Progressive Dinner Party. I’m kinda jealous of her chooks.

empty-potsThis is the ‘soil’ in our front yard. It’s mostly sand, the lad is sitting quite near to where next door’s cat likes to poo. The gnome has met with a sad fate since this photo was taken, and so have a couple of the pots. The pots are all empty since we moved out of flats, they were quite handy when we gardened on windowsills, but they do dry out rather quickly.

side-gardenThe blind on the left is our kitchen window, straight ahead is the loungeroom, and on the right is the next door neighbour’s kitchen. The white thing up the back of the garden bed is the plastic cover on the compost, the plants are corn, eggplant, capsicum and marigolds. The beige pot is the one we were collecting broken glass in. We found enough of it that we had a designated spot. This garden bed gets around two hours of full sun a day, needless to say, it’s less than ideal. However, it’s worth growing veggies, even for a small crop, rather than leaving it bare and having to weed it. We grow excellent nettles. We did grow tomatoes there the first summer we lived here, they weren’t as good as the sunnier spots in the garden, but they grew and they produced fruit.

view-from-the-backdoorFinally, here’s the view from the backdoor. As you can see, we’re practically on acreage, with a dam there on the right (um, baby bath, catching rain fall), rolling lawns native reserve toward the back and tomatoes to the left. There’s also a sunflower in there, some tyme and oregano, chives and marigolds and basil. We didn’t buy any tomatoes last summer. Off to the right, out of shot, there’s a small clothesline which is too low for me to stand under, so we’ve grown a couple of things there, largely unsuccessfully. Immediately below where I was standing to take the shot, to the right, I had a couple of good rosemary bushes. In an effort to make the place neat and tidy for the upcoming move (no, I still don’t know where or when, but soon) I moved them around the corner to a spot where the landlord would see them. They died. I should have known they would. In the spot above where you see the sunflower there is a sage bush, since then it’s become enormous and floral, I’m very proud. Next door’s cat likes to sit on it, I’m less excited about that. It now has a big empty patch in the middle of it where it’s been squashed and broken. The sage bush that is. I haven’t caught the cat.

The side garden, with capsicums and corn. There are potatoes sprouting in there too.


The old brick wall


The sunflower, just before it met its end


And one of the Bloke’s arty photos – Urban Tomato

It’s 19.8C. Feels warmer outside in the sun I have to say, but that may be the micro-climate of my garden, where the sun reflects off the windows of the tall building a few doors up.

The no-dig garden bed dried out too much to break down properly. The compost looks dusty. The soil all looks like grey sand. The worms seem happy enough though, and the vermiculite is ready to put on the garden to start the revival. I’ve cracked an egg at one end of the worm farm to attract all the worms to that end. So tomorrow I’ll be distributing the vermiculite. Yay!

The parsley seeds were ready to harvest this morning, so I shook them off into a bag. At the moment all the parsley grows in the front yard, and you can never have too much so I’ll be raising seedlings and planting them in the backyard (and possibly giving some away as presents).

The eggplants still haven’t produced any fruit. This continues to make me sad. The ones down the road in the community garden have, but theirs aren’t growing in almost full shade.

We harvested the corn a few days ago, and ate it all in one evening. I don’t think we’re heading for self-sufficiency on that front, but it tasted good. Again, the shade is a problem, as are earwigs.

The capsicums are looking good. The lad picked one and ate most of it.

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