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That’s parsley in the foreground shade, coriander to the left, tomatoes staked and not so staked, hiding the bed now devoid of potatoes and home to broccoli, onions and lettuce seeds. Behind all that (along the fence) are the olive trees, oregano, thyme and sage.

We’ve been tidying and reorganising inside and out. Pulling out pumpkins, digging up potatoes, tackling the enormous number of weeds that grew when we we turned our backs for a few months, and rearranging the living room. The lounge furniture has been turned clockwise, the dining table and toys have been swapped, and a book nest has been created.

We’ve sorted books, cleared shelves of crap and bought more baskets. The secret to a happy toy collection and art supplies is always more baskets. I’ve even sharpened the pencils and thrown out textas that don’t work.

We’re so freakin’ happy to be home for the whole day doing only things we fancy doing. I got excited. I ignored the list of “basic mainenance level housework” (vacuuming, for example) and did several things on the “once a year level” list. I oiled the wooden bowl collection. I even dusted.

Don’t tell my highschool teachers, but it turns out there are things in life I can get done ahead of the deadline.

My tea towels are heading to the post box now. Two for the swap, two as thankyous to kind and generous people, and one has already gone home with the frog.

And all the seconds will stay here with me.

From today’s Age:

Craft Demonstrator
Birch Haberdashery & Craft, leaders in the craft industry, seek a talented & creative Craft Demonstrator. The position req an excl communicator to liaise with customers/staff/public, plan/deliver workshops & teach crafting skills. A broad knowledge of craft is req & an adaptable skill base to create samples, projects etc. Ability to sew is essentail. This is a casual position with varying hours & some travel & evening demos req. Samples of crafting skills req at interview stage.
Email your resume by Feb 6th to or to Cherie Hazelman PO Box 5060 Heidelberg West 3081

Dear Parents,
As you are aware, the end of year Christmas concert is fast approaching us… The Nursery Children have been busy preparing for this, and one of our acts will be “Old MacDonald”. Your child is playing the role of a pig and we ask that you bring him dressed representing this character…

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