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That’s what it says on the bom. Which is a bit brief for a day of dust storm, heavy rain, buildings fell down and killed people, the trains have gone haywire and the major bridges closed to traffic. Just before the start of peak hour.

The Fence Man seems to have come briefly while I was out today, replaced next door’s back gate (they will be pleased, the old one was nailed shut for a week) and then presumably decided that the End of the World was Nigh and headed home.

Today, if I worked in the city, and lived in the outer suburbs, I’d be finding a seat in a pub and looking for a dinner menu.


Is missing.

Actually it’s not missing, just moved. It’s in bits all over the ground. I can barely see our concrete.

We complained to the estate agent last May about the angle of the brick fence between our place and the kids next door. So yesterday the Bloke got a call saying the fence would be fixed today. We’d been waiting so long we’d given up on it ever happening.

So the fence demolition happened this morning. But then it started raining and now the fence man seems to have disappeared. Pretty amazing luck huh? It’s rained about half a dozen times in the last year, and yet today is one of those day.

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