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We’ve moved back to the city, into a little flat, swapping a big backyard full of roses for a balcony and shared garden. There are mature trees and lawn, some impressive camelias, and I can walk to work, which is why we came. The possums ate most of our potted plants on the first night, so I’m working towards a barricade of prickly cacti. They ate mint, Vietnamese mint, succulents and lemon leaves, the olive tree is fine though. I am coping with the destruction by laughing at our garden being reduced to bare earth by native wildlife in the city in a way it never was in the country.


The boy likes his new school, but change is always tricky, so I am putting a bit of effort into his room to make it feel really his. Top of the list was replacing the revolting faded purple curtains with some orange ones. He loves bright colours and this one coordinates with his Nanna ‘lanket. The curtains are an unconventional three drops, so they’re easier to use again wherever we live next, no matter what shape the window is.



I haven’t written about it lately because the broad beans just keep growing without intervention, and nothing else is happening.

The snow peas all got eaten by creatures, I planted some more, two or three plants have survived to the 3-4 inch mark and I’m crossing my fingers.

The carrots and daikon are still there. I’m not sure that they are still growing though. There are a lot of weeds around them, but if I try to pull them out I pull veggies as well, so I left well enough alone.

Most of the broccoli plants got to a certain point and then stopped. Some of them got eaten by creatures. None of them look like actually producing anything foodlike. The onions don’t look any bigger than they were when I planted them. The Bloke’s garlic looks ok and like it’s in with a chance.

The lemon and lime trees have got creatures on them again, and could probably do with a feed of some worm juice and a sprinkling of chilli powder on the leaves.

Guess what’s doing best. Go on.

Peas. “But Kate you didn’t plant peas” you say. No I didn’t dear reader, but peas I have in abundance.

The Bloke and son spread some pea straw about the place and it’s all sprouting brilliantly. I’m wondering if we can fit some stakes and string in and potentially get some food out of them. I have no idea what variety they are, but they seem to be doing well.

Oh, also the parsley is looking ok and it self sowed all over half the front yard so there should be parsley in abundance from here on in. The mint, on the other hand, continues to look crap.

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