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The side garden, with capsicums and corn. There are potatoes sprouting in there too.


The old brick wall


The sunflower, just before it met its end


And one of the Bloke’s arty photos – Urban Tomato

After some software issues, and some wrestling with the old laptop, and some more grieving for the newer laptop that upped and died a coupla months ago, I’ve sorted out the photos.

The Bloke found for all my photo re-sizing needs, which is handy, because this computer wouldn’t be happy if we installed any more software. It’s free too, which is always popular.

So, for your viewing pleasure, our broccoli seedlings and our chamomile with couch grass growing up through it, just in case you thought we were perfect or something.1204929031_tmp_img_1530.jpg


But I can’t find the cable for the camera. So we’ll have to stick with that lovely generic street cafe scene for a bit longer. I don’t know where it is, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t been there.

I’m fully aware that blogging is soooo three years ago. But FacePlant is over, and I’m tipping a blogging Renaissance. I know FacePlant is over because my Mum’s got an account and she’s over it.

Anyway, the garden:

We got our Diggers seeds, we went with the Health Care Card holders deal, which is fabulous if you happen to be a HCC holder. It’s also fabulous if you happen not to be a HCC holder, but you’re not allowed to take advantage of it. We’ve got heaps of stuff to plant out over the rest of the year. You don’t get to choose though, so we got silverbeet, but apart from that it’s fabulous.

I’ve planted out half of the broccoli seeds in a window box type pot, which is now sitting in the kitchen near the window with lots of little sprouts shooting up. It’s very exciting. We’ve just got to figure out where the hell we’re going to plant them when it’s time to stick them outside. This leads to point two, our major complaint about our garden, most of it only gets 2 or 3 hours of sun a day. The next door neighbour’s house is right on the boundary on one side and there’s a very tall building a few doors up from us on the other side. About a third of the backyard is concrete, the rest of it is very popular with weeds. Did I mention we’re renting? The soil is mostly sand, and cat poo courtesy of next door, and colloquially speaking, we’re pushing manure uphill trying to grow veggies here. But we do it anyway. We can’t help ourselves.

Whenever I think it’s a disappointing waste of time and money, I see the lad crouching down to look at our tomatoes and I think “Gosh that’s wholesome”. Then I carry on.

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