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We moved house a few weeks ago, not by choice, our old landlady wants to move into the house. She gave us more notice than she had to, and she made sure we knew she loves what we did with the garden, and that she wanted us to keep coming back to pick things til she moves into the house in a couple of weeks. So we’ve been slowly getting things happening in the new garden, mulching one small patch, dead-heading lots and lots of roses, and waiting til the weather cools down so we can get on with proper pruning and planting. We’ve been picking tomatoes at the old place too, but given we haven’t been there to water anything, many of the other things didn’t do so well. Even the zucchini have failed to thrive.

The lad also started school. Which means we get notes from school. The new house, incidentally, doesn’t get as hot or as drafty as the old house, and it has an apple tree.



Actually, the new house has four apple trees. Sadly three of them produce godawful red on the inside hideous apples from the root stock. But they’re beautiful on the outside, so we couldn’t help testing more than one of them.


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