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I’m not entirely sure where we’ll be living in late spring or summer. Actually, I’m not even a little bit sure, there are a few vague possibilities in the works. I am sure that we wont be living here for years and years to come, but I don’t know exactly when we’ll be moving. Let alone where. I don’t just mean “which house we’d move to” either, I mean “I can’t narrow it down to less than a 200km radius of our current address”. Which, I think you’ll agree, makes gardening a little tricky.

I do have my Diggers seed catalogue and I have been reading and annotating, but I have been unable to reach any decent conclusions because the various places I might live are in different climatic zones. So I’m dealing with occasional snow and lots of frost in one possible location in winter, and regular high 30s and low 40s type temperatures in summer in another location. I have a stash of seeds in the drawer which I should be starting now-ish. If only I had a seed raising mini-greenhouse type arrangement to do it in. I need to start seeds in seedling trays because the ground is full of broad beans that have barely begun to flower and I would very much like to enjoy the fruits of my broad bean labours. Moving house is probably a couple of months off at least, and I am a bit torn between not wanting to leave the garden and all the work we’ve put into it, and very much looking forward to a new, bigger, sunnier garden not over shadowed by a five storey building (which will be demolished in a few months and I don’t really want to be around for that either). I am also torn between getting seedlings started in trays all ready for our new hypothetical garden, and not wanting to move house with dozens of trays of seedlings because frankly we have more than enough stuff without adding delicate plant life into the mix. I am only considering new homes within my current state, so I don’t have to worry about crossing borders with the plant life and creating legal issues.

I know what you’re thinking, “what the hell is she getting all whiney on the internet for?”, and the answer dear reader is: please offer me a job, then I will know where I have to live.

The rest I can deal with myself.

But I can’t find the cable for the camera. So we’ll have to stick with that lovely generic street cafe scene for a bit longer. I don’t know where it is, and I’m pretty sure I haven’t been there.

I’m fully aware that blogging is soooo three years ago. But FacePlant is over, and I’m tipping a blogging Renaissance. I know FacePlant is over because my Mum’s got an account and she’s over it.

Anyway, the garden:

We got our Diggers seeds, we went with the Health Care Card holders deal, which is fabulous if you happen to be a HCC holder. It’s also fabulous if you happen not to be a HCC holder, but you’re not allowed to take advantage of it. We’ve got heaps of stuff to plant out over the rest of the year. You don’t get to choose though, so we got silverbeet, but apart from that it’s fabulous.

I’ve planted out half of the broccoli seeds in a window box type pot, which is now sitting in the kitchen near the window with lots of little sprouts shooting up. It’s very exciting. We’ve just got to figure out where the hell we’re going to plant them when it’s time to stick them outside. This leads to point two, our major complaint about our garden, most of it only gets 2 or 3 hours of sun a day. The next door neighbour’s house is right on the boundary on one side and there’s a very tall building a few doors up from us on the other side. About a third of the backyard is concrete, the rest of it is very popular with weeds. Did I mention we’re renting? The soil is mostly sand, and cat poo courtesy of next door, and colloquially speaking, we’re pushing manure uphill trying to grow veggies here. But we do it anyway. We can’t help ourselves.

Whenever I think it’s a disappointing waste of time and money, I see the lad crouching down to look at our tomatoes and I think “Gosh that’s wholesome”. Then I carry on.

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