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There are sick days, like yesterday, where all a kid wants to do is cuddle on the couch. There was a little light lego making, but basically I made stuff and he watched. He clearly felt like crap.

Today he’s a little better. Not well enough to go to kinder (and oh the wailing that inspired) but well enough to get bored with lying around. Well enough to want a little novely, not well enough to think it up by himself. I’ve been googling “1930s homemade toys” and youtubing “kid science experiments” and referring to Geek Dad.

So, for the next time I run out of ideas I thought I’d record for posterity what we did today before turning on the dvd player (which we have, because he’s completely run out of puff now).

1. Inspired by this guy in a white coat we blew up a balloon using nothing by bicarb and vinegar. Is there nothing bicarb and vinegar can’t do? When you’re done experimenting you can clean the toilet!

2. Looked at Museum Victoria and made a newspaper footy, which we kicked around a bit outside to see how it compared to his real one. We talked about how kids can make their own toys, and they don’t have to wait for grownups to buy them things. He has not mentioned his lust for the yellow lego train in several hours, perhaps the idea has sunk in a little. Or perhaps he’s just thinking up the next bit of plastic to moan about.

3. Also inspired by the Museum, we made a little slingshot. He had a few goes at flinging a clothespeg before declaring it all too hard. We’ll probably give it another go when he’s in a better mood for learning new skills. I don’t think he’ll be out hunting birds for dinner any time soon.

4. Threading and tying string through his wooden pegboard.

5. Made a colouring picture from one of our photos. He enjoyed watching me turn the photo into a line drawing in photoshop, but ran out of enthusiasm pretty quickly on the actual colouring.

I have a sick kid. Not really really sick, just snotty & grumpy & crusty-eyed and not able to go to childcare. I am a bit snotty & grumpy myself. Fortunately my son has been born to the age of ABC2, and there is very little of the day where there is no children’s tv on. In the breaks between ABC there is youtube.

Somebody has put Tim and Debbie Brainspace sketches on youtube. If you didn’t watch them the first time in the early 80s that probably wont be of any interest to you.

We house-hunted on Saturday in a small town an hour from here. The kid was asleep in the car so the Bloke went in first, then handed me the keys with a smile and I went in. When I got back into the car he said “Did you go in the shed?”, “No, I’d already decided we weren’t taking it”, “The shed smelled pretty bad, and there was a chest freezer still on, you’ll never guess what was in it”, “Why did you look in it? Was it half a cow?”, “I didn’t want to be on the front page of the paper being the person who’d inspected the house and not noticed the body in the freezer. It wasn’t meat.”, “So what was it?”, “Pita bread, like the sort for souvlaki, the freezer was about a third full. Remind me not to eat souvlaki in this town.”

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