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It’s been raining a bit, enough that I don’t have to lug buckets of water about the place, and things are slowly sprouting and growing. We seem to have daikon and carrots and a few broad beans, although far fewer beans than I’d like. The snow peas have sprouted but are growing very very slowly towards the climbing frame we set up for them. There are lots of self sown pumpkins and spuds growing in the shadey side garden, and we’ve decided to let them go for it. There isn’t enough sun there in winter to expect much action, but there are lots of stinging nettles and other weeds that do well there. We figure spuds and pumpkins, even if they don’t produce much, are better to look at.

We haven’t been doing much in the garden, just pottering, picking herbs and so on. What I have done is take the lad to the museum. Which was good. Not just the park this time, we actually went inside.

For Melbournians, or anyone planning to visit, there’s a good new Melbourne exhibition. I wasn’t a big fan of the the old Australia Gallery, but I’m looking forward to seeing the new exhibition again. It’s out with Our Kylie’s wedding dress from Neighbours, and in with the Little Lon collection of cottages (the neighbourhood around Little Lonsdale St, in the heart of Melbourne). The lad enjoyed walking through the cottages, looking at the baby’s cradle, the outdoor dunny with bucket, and the washing on the line. Then he stood entranced at the recreation of Coles’ book arcade and figured out how to start the symphonion music all by himself. He was very happy with himself after that. My Mum remembered that her cousins had a book from the Coles arcade when she was little, so it was good wholesome multi-generational fun. I didn’t get to look at every object as closely as I’d like (toddlers are like that) so it is good to see they’ve got some of the exhibition online.

The Lad also likes the special Children’s area, where they have picture books, a play kitchen, a shop and tables set up for drawing. There’s outside play stuff (hoola hoops and coits and all sorts) but we didn’t venture out. He was much too fascinated with the kid-sized kitchen set up to move on to any more exhibits and was disappointed when it was time to go.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up from all three of us. Each.

The Museum is $6 for grown ups with jobs, and free for concessions and kids. There’s also space to eat food you’ve brought from home (next to the cafe), so you don’t have to shell out for sandwiches unless you want to.

The side garden, with capsicums and corn. There are potatoes sprouting in there too.


The old brick wall


The sunflower, just before it met its end


And one of the Bloke’s arty photos – Urban Tomato

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