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You should have figured out that it’s better to sleep with people/a person that you don’t mind eating breakfast with in the morning.

The Bloke with Uke

You should be able to have a party with friends and relatives present, where the aunties don’t raise their eyebrows at your mates behaviour.

It might be best to have the party at lunch time, and get home by 4.30pm. If you go out in the evening, you might still be home before 10.30pm.

If you don’t wake up til 7am on The Big Day, you might think “Wow, a sleep in”. This would never have happened at 25 would it?

If you’re expecting your kid to play nice through the party, you’ll probably want to give him plenty of outdoors time and attention before hand. Unfortunately this might tucker him out, but not guarantee a decent nap. Grandma may have to take him for A Walk.

Your friends have figured out by now that a good speech makes people laugh, and doesn’t make anyone wish they could pop out to the loo til you’re finished. Your friends may make such a lovely speech that you forget everything you were going to say.

It’s probably a good sign if your friends and relations have given you things that are either drinkable, or stylish, or practical.

No the pumpkin wasn’t a present, but the bubbles were. French bubbles make a very very very nice accompaniment to Sunday night cooking with brand new French cast iron. There are also quite a few more Australian wines in my cupboard than there were last week, and I have homemade bikkies, and flash wine glasses and a gorgeous brooch and pendant. I am very very very spoiled, the grey coat above? Also a present.

Finally, if you leave the house headed for your party with your camera in your handbag (congratulating yourself for remembering to bring it) don’t be surprised if you still forget to actually take photos. You wont be the first person. At least one person has done this recently on her birthday.

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