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I know it’s boring to read about extreme weather, but yesterday was 44 degrees here people and my friends in Europe keep posting photos of snow on Facebook.

I’ve never been a fan of the heat, but in ye olde childfree days I could just lie down with a book and try to pretend it wasn’t happening. Now I have to provide entertainment for cooped up children. Step 1, obviously, is making sure we either visit someone or have visitors, because entertaining multiple children in the company of another mother or two is less daunting than one bored three year old on my own. So I rocked, jiggled and dandled my friend’s baby while she herded the preschoolers dancing in her kitchen. We fed them icypoles, we had a contingent of visitors to share our airconditioning for the hottest part of the day, we fed them more icypoles. They were actually pretty well behaved, there was sharing of Christmas presents, nothing broke and no one got hurt. Not even when they were jumping down the stairs. Then we ran out of energy and instructed them to stare at the television for a while so we could count raffle money.

We had a nutrious dinner of rice cakes, with your choice of peanut butter, vegemite or tomato. The kid got experimental and had peanut butter and vegemite, and insisted that it was good. Eventually it was cool enough to head out for a walk to wear out his legs and give us some chance of sleep. We walked to the RSL for a cheap dessert (and what do you know, they have icy cold aircon!) felt grateful that there was no smoke in the air and that the threat of a fire starting was dropping for the day and headed home. Then we got up early to water the garden in our allocated time, gave the kid (ok, and us) a good run around using the new cricket set before giving up on good parenting for the day by 8.30 because it was already hot. The television is back on, Sesame Street was an episode I’ve seen several times before and I’m starting to wonder how many episodes they actually make, is it too early for a nap and just how many coffees can I justify in a day given the virtuous nature of setting an alarm for 6.30am when you don’t have to be anywhere?

Feel free to comment along the lines of “toughen up princess” or suggest non tv ideas that don’t require brain function.


That’s what it says on the bom. Which is a bit brief for a day of dust storm, heavy rain, buildings fell down and killed people, the trains have gone haywire and the major bridges closed to traffic. Just before the start of peak hour.

The Fence Man seems to have come briefly while I was out today, replaced next door’s back gate (they will be pleased, the old one was nailed shut for a week) and then presumably decided that the End of the World was Nigh and headed home.

Today, if I worked in the city, and lived in the outer suburbs, I’d be finding a seat in a pub and looking for a dinner menu.

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