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Searches that brought people to this little blog in the last couple of days, with my responses, should they turn up again:

Garden weddings inner city melbourne

You’d find information on this here in my mother outlaw’s, and my mother’s, dreams. They’d also probably be happy if we had an indoor outer-suburban hitching. My suggestion is get a good celebrant, and make sure you’ve got an indoor type place in case it’s hot or cold. Outdoor weddings always seem like a good idea until you get sunstroke or the bridesmaid turns blue for all the photos (you can see my Personal Ecologist shivering with hunched shoulders in the photos of her most recent bridesmaid stint).

Planting snow peas in Australia

I’ve got one survivor of the Great Slug Fest of 2008. It’s currently producing delicious snow peas, and I’ve got a photo of it in the banner up there. If you’re in Melbourne it might be a bit late to plant them now.

Make a planter box out of a wine barrel

Find half a wine barrel, drill some drainage holes if it doesn’t already have them, and stick about 5 bags of potting mix in.

Inner city garden blogspot

WordPress actually, but you got here anyway, well done!

Daikon pull out time

Mine are pretty much jumping out of the ground. Pull ’em when you’re ready to eat them. They go soft pretty quickly.

Snow peas not flowering

Compost is generally the answer to all gardening problems. If it’s not the answer to this one then I don’t know. Maybe watering? Or sunlight?

How to plant a lemon tree in a half wine barrel

See above, then pull the potting mix aside and stick in a lemon tree. Make sure it’s in a spot you’re happy to keep it permanently though, it will be very heavy. Water it in well and send young boys out to ‘water’ it some more.

Planting potatoes in wine barrels

Probably would work, but I’d go for a cage type planter, which you could make taller than a wine barrel. Then when the spuds are ready you pull the cage apart and find all the spuds. The taller the container or cage, the bigger your potatoes can grow. Wine barrels are also expensive unless you happen to know someone who just wants to get rid of them.

Growing snow peas in Melbourne

Yes. But you might need to wait til next year. If you’re in a cold area it might be worth trying a few seeds out and seeing how they do. You never know your luck etc.

*ie. Lazy search term blogging

I got a call yesterday from my parents, who’ve been patiently minding the wine barrels I was given by their neighbour, to say that Dad had borrowed the ute and would be delivering the barrels to my house. He and the Bloke moved them into position last night. This involved opening the back gate, which the lad finds fascinating, and the Bloke also carried 5 bags of potting mix and a bale of sugar cane mulch in from the car, which is more impressive than gate opening in my opinion. The lad kept trying to escape out the back lane, but we lured him back with the promise of picking and eating his own tomatoes.


So now we have half a dozen broccoli seedlings planted out in half a wine barrel, using some of the concrete space in our yard which makes me cheery, and I need to get another couple of bags of potting mix to finish filling the other barrel. Then we can plant out more broccoli, or the onions & garlic.

We also moved the bbq onto a corner of concrete, so that I can make a new garden bed along the back steps and grow our snow peas up the railing. I also want to stick some window boxes along the top of the rails. We’re trying to use every available milimetre of space, without getting us evicted by the lawn-loving landlord.

I picked 2kgs of tomatoes yesterday. Some will go to the man who gave us the wine barrels. Those barrels are quite expensive, and I’m very grateful.

Our brick fence, which is currently on a disturbing and ever-increasing angle, is being pushed by next door’s banana trees and various other things that are too close to the fence and never pruned. Nearly a year afer we complained about it, someone is coming to fix it tomorrow apparently. The Bloke nearly responded to that phone call with “Really? You’re kidding.” But managed to say “Tomorrow will be fine” instead.

Then there was another miracle. It rained. Real rain. It was orange on the radar. We don’t have a tank, we have a rather more rudimentary system…


Just before the rains came, while the Bloke washed the day’s dust off the toddler, I scurried around in the front yard planting a mixture of daikon radishes, parsnips and carrots. I underestimated the amount of rain we’d get so now I’m convinced that all the seeds will have washed into a corner instead of being nicely spread out. I’ve got visions of all these root crops trying to sprout just behind our front gate.

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