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Or, what to do with your prunings.

Bamboo teepee with kid legs

Bamboo teepee

We ate this cauliflower “pasta” with peas and ricotta last night. It was excellent, and not only because all I had to do was email the recipe to the Bloke, go to work, come home, sit down, eat. I ate the leftovers cold for morning tea, it was still good. I’m going to go out on a limb and say best thing ever to do with cauliflower.

Did I ever mention we bought and have been using bamboo toothbrushes? Well they’re good too. Buy them online in a box, and then forget about buying any more toothbrushes for months. If there is more than one person in your house you will need to invest in a quality texta though, because they don’t come in different colours.

We’ve eaten the first few peas of the season, the broad beans are twice as big as we’ve ever grown them (it turns out they like rain! Who knew?) and the parsley and coriander are going to seed. There are self-sown tomatoes popping up, the garlic is nearly ready to harvest and I’ve bought replacement Vietnamese mint.

We’ve even eaten a few dinners outside this week.

Snow in Trentham, early October

Of course, a fortnight ago it snowed just down the road, so we’re not quite out of the frosty woods.

So far this birthday week (week is used here rather loosely, it’s already been a week and I haven’t actually had the birthday yet) I’ve received two presents. The first was an electric blanket from the Bloke, which observant types will notice was at least half for himself, and the second just came in the mail from my aunt.

Present from Donna

Hilarious no? Happy birthday and welcome to Central Victorian winter.

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